Product Features

• Instantaneous communication
to allow immediate response.
• Secured communication ensures privacy.

Call Control

• Transmit interrupt – allows authorized user to interrupt conversations during an emergency or to deliver critical communications.
• Device can be enabled or disabled if it is stolen remotely.
• Enhanced encryption – improve security Data Management.
• Event logging – voice / text / video / picture and location.
• Location tracking – capture user location
• Location – Real time and history movement downloads

Enhanced user experience, coordination and efficiency

• Private Call – To call and talk privately with a specific user
• Priority Call – Appoint priority enabled individual
• Duplex Private Call – Hands free duplex call
• Group call – Communicate one-to-many

Who are the most common users of iWalkie?


Courier Logistics Taxi


Site Offices Civil Construction Excavating


Security Guards Policing VIP Protection


Hospitals Ambulances Fire Brigade


Factory Light industry Warehousing

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